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National Gold Medal Award Q & A Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Jane Adams
Thanks for joining us this morning / afternoon for the Gold Medal Q&A. Get your questions ready!
Brit Kramer, AAPRA Staff
This session is being recorded.
Gentry Thiesen, Wichita (KS) Park and Recreation
Thoughts on the use of bullet points in your responses?
Elena Stewart - DE State Parks
Is it better to pick fewer projects and be more detailed or cover more projects?
Cassandra Paddock
I also wanted to know if it was okay to use bullet points on question 6, 7, and 8 where the word count is only 120
Gentry Thiesen, Wichita (KS) Park and Recreation
Can you explain the change in questions for 2021?
Mary Prier
How much weight is given to the essay questions versus other criteria? We are hung up on the rewording of some of this year's questions specifically Cite 3 examples of internally-focused initiatives, … and the next one, which is externally focused... what is the difference?
Rylin Patterson
What advice can you give for questions 2 and 3 as we work to deliver what the Judges are looking for.
Mary Prier
The last question was changed from challenges your community faces to challenges your agency faces. Should that be focused differently?
Karen Robinson
Do judges look at hyperlinks if they're included in the application? Do they help/hurt?
Joel McKnight
How often does the Questionnaire change significantly? Because we are also starting to work on our re-accreditation, and it is very hard to really focus on both under current conditions.
Brendan Daley
We’ve all been impacted by Covid 19 and have responded in similar and innovative ways – virtual programming, outdoor space providing relief as people work from home, serving as testing or vaccination sites, etc. How should our Covid response, which is (hopefully) a one-off, be addressed versus our ongoing strategic direction and programs? (As an aside, it would have been interesting to have included a specific Covid question this year).
Rylin Patterson
Can an organization win this award the first time they apply? How often has this happened? Is extra weight given to past finalists who apply again?
Elena Stewart - DE State Parks
Rylin - we won it the first time we applied (DE State Parks)
Elena Stewart - DE State Parks
in 2016
Rylin Patterson
Does our statistical info also need to be entered in the NRPA's Park Metrics feature?
Karen Robinson
Can you please repeat where we can find the judging criteria and other related info?
Carla Brittle
How long before you find out you have advanced to a finalist stage? How long will you have to make the video?
Cassandra Paddock
Is there a cutoff date on when we should stop using examples? Can things be used from this spring- for instance, the winter storm where a lot of agencies were called upon to help their community.
Rylin Patterson
How is the statistical data weighted or used in the judging process?
Jane Adams
2021 is the first time the questions have been modified in several years; we will utilize feedback from the judges and agencies who completed the application to adjust accordingly for 2022.
Karen Robinson
Is it preferable to use statistic/data from NRPA Park Metrics?
Gentry Thiesen, Wichita (KS) Park and Recreation
Our accreditation site visit is next week and we've just completed a first draft of the GM award application - I can attest: a LOT of concurrent work, but all of the work we put into updating accreditation really helped clarify/define answers in our award.
Jane Adams
If an agency is selected as the Grand Plaque recipient, they are ineligible to apply for 5 years.
Rylin Patterson
When mentioning Covid things in our responses, how worried should we be about the politics surrounding it? If our organization fought to stay open and we talk about that will it hurt us if the judges are coming from closed down communities.
Lydia Uhlir
Can you talk a little bit about the two 3 page executive summary requirements for an agency's master plan and strategic plan, is this just taking the actual summaries (they may be longer than 3 pages) and uploading them? Because there are specific questions the application is asking for "Within this overview, it is suggested the overview include major goals of the plan; current progress towards reaching those goals; and future plans to complete the plan." What if your master plan is from 2015?
Brit Kramer, AAPRA Staff
Judging Criteria: https://aapra.org/Portals/0/GoldMedalProgram/2021%20Gold%20Medal%20Judging%20Criteria%20Final.pdf?ver=-7v-oQMLXyK5yRU9j52VeQ%3d%3d
Elena Stewart - DE State Parks
Is it okay to reference several plans that make up a "master plan" without actually calling it a "master plan"? We have a strategic plan which talks about how we implement several different "master plan" type plans but no one master plan
Lydia Uhlir
Do you provide feedback on non-finalist entries?
Mary Prier
Would it be appropriate to substitute the annual report for the program guide? We no longer do a program guide or catalog.
Cassandra Paddock
If you are a repeat finalist that was just a finalist last year, do you suggest making a totally new video after the notifications in May? Or would our old video work with minor edits?
Mary Prier
Your advice on storytelling makes me wonder if "how you say it" is as important as what you say. Would that be correct? We might need to pivot from "just the facts" to a more holistic approach.
Rylin Patterson
To determine how to focus revision efforts, is the following the priority list for our application? It seems like it would be first, the 9 essay questions because they are scored, second, the exec summary because of the story it tells, and then third the statistical info?
Gentry Thiesen, Wichita (KS) Park and Recreation
In your opinion, what gave your agency's application that WOW factor?
Lydia Uhlir
For the website links, you ask for a program brochure (which is normally printed), we have a pdf version of our brochure, but our events are most up to date on our event listing page. What do you prefer?
Lydia Uhlir
Disregard question above^
Karen Robinson
If we scored well on a particular question last year, is it OK to reuse those responses for this year's application?
Jessica Serre
Thank you so much for all your responses!
Michael Klitzing
Mary Prier
THANK YOU!! Very helpful.
Lydia Uhlir
Thank you!
Karen Robinson
Thanks so much everyone!
Andy Fernandez
Thanks all!
Rylin Patterson
Thank you so much!