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National Gold Medal Award Q & A Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Brit Kramer, CAE - AAPRA Administration
Welcome everyone! Here is a link to the 2021 National Gold Medal Questions and Judging Criteria - https://aapra.org/Portals/0/GoldMedalProgram/2021%20Gold%20Medal%20Judging%20Criteria%20Final.pdf?ver=-7v-oQMLXyK5yRU9j52VeQ%3d%3d
Brit Kramer, CAE - AAPRA Administration
Katherine Hudspeth
Can the executive Summaries be longer than 3 pages; single spaced?
Anne Marshall
Since Florida State Parks is a 4-time winner, obviously there is something that they do consistently to tell their story. What is the secret ingredient?
Sarah Nichter
I applied for Fort Wayne IN last year, but this year’s application is different. especially questions bout internal and external initiatives. could we go through each question and focus on difference
Carole Culbertson-Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation
Can we get clarification on questions #2 and #3 regarding the internally-focused versus the externally focused. Maybe some examples.
Carole Culbertson-Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation
To clarify my question, does internally-focused mean internally initiated and externally-focused mean externally initiated.
lindsey jorstad
You may want to remove the 2020 Criteria from the bottom of Gold Medal Website page. It may be confusing, since the 2021 is found when you click apply button.
Anne Marshall
If we should make the finalist stage, how much weight is put on the video in the final round?
Tony Mulkey
To anyone who has been finalists multiple years, how did you tweak your approach to bring home the gold?
Brit Kramer, CAE - AAPRA Administration
Pro zoom tip: You can adjust your view using the "view" icon in the top right corner of your screen to flip between gallery (see everyone) and speaker view (see the spotlighted panelists) I hope this is helpful.
Jane Adams
There is a FAQ document on the Gold Medal webpage so please review that if you have not done so already:
Carla Brittle
Should we avoid having any answers that focus on COVID issues? Obviously we all had challenges this past year related to it?
Sarah Nichter
is it helpful to add a link in my narratives that gives more info from our website?
Brit Kramer, CAE - AAPRA Administration
I see that NRPA has not updated the National Gold Medal landing page links at the bottom. We will contact them to ask them to post 2021 information. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Jane Adams
the award application does provide a place to upload the link to your website
Morgan Gilman
If one initiative that our agency has focused on fits into two questions, is it judged as a negative to mention it in both responses?
Edward Matthews
Tony, we are bringing members of our recreation commission in on the process to look at the application more on the community impact side and not just what we see as staff.
Sarah Nichter
I noticed that the pillar questions don’t require # of examples. How should we approach this?
Erica Benoit
Have you ever shared examples of past winner's answers as a guiding example?
Katherine Hudspeth
Should the Gold Medal application answers solely reflect actions and initiates concerning Parks & Rec? Or are we able to include Rec type services that we offer within a different yet relatable division?
Katherine Hudspeth
Stacey Dicke
Great session, thanks to everyone for the information!
Brad Raney
Feel free to contact me directly if I can help anyone, braney@cityofgreenriver.org 307-872-6147
Erica Benoit
Appreciate you all taking the time to share your experience & expertise!
Laura Parks
Thank you!
karalee misner
kmisner@decparks.com if you'd like any referrals!
Tony Mulkey
Thank you to everyone!