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Big Tent Friday Policy Calls - Shared screen with speaker view
Reco Bembry
Outdoor Recreation Caucus - Fewer Bills This year than in past, Parks RX 1595, Senator Nobles...Parks RX Pilot ProgramsMetro Parks Tacoma, with support of WRPA, is seeking a directive that the Department of Healthestablish three (3) or more pilot "Parks Rx" programs in the Puget Sound, Eastern Washington, andSW Washington. This requests builds from a just-completed DOH study indicating that Parks Rxprograms would add health care and quality of life value to Washingtonians, particularly thosefrom lower-income and historically disadvantaged communities.We support SB 5095, as requested by Metro Parks Tacoma and the WRPA.
Rob Sendak
Reco Bembry
Conor Marshal - Outdoor Alliance Washington 2023 Legislative Priorities State Lands, Treaty Rights, waiting for docs. coming soon
Reco Bembry
WWRC testified on Governors Budget last week see https://wildliferecreation.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/WWRC-Additional-Advocacy-Support-Agenda.pdf
Reco Bembry
Post Card to Educate Legislators to BIG TENT resource and informational document
Reco Bembry
Boating program - see leg one pager
Reco Bembry
Inform and Educate new legislators - Big Tent Priority ASAP!
Reco Bembry
Work smiting - Informational Card Update to Legislators by months end...